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Sourcing locally, we cut logistical expenses associated with travel, hospitality, etc. to keep budgets on track - while production timelines progress simultaneously.



Our centralized post-production team ensures a consistent look and feel, even when a project is captured by many teams working in tandem. We manage your project from a central hub.



Our vast network allows us to execute any number of shoots in virtually any country or location around the globe. As your need for content scales, our production solutions scale with you.

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Our clients say

“Lyra is a lean startup with a small team. Blink has helped us scale and grow quickly by managing the workflow for outreach, scheduling, and photo production for our therapist network. Before finding Blink we were struggling to get photos from these providers and many of them were really poor quality. Blink has been a great partner in creating a repeatable process that supports our business operations and our need to move quickly.”

Kelly Morgan Head of Marketing - Lyra Health

“When we were launching our new marketing platform and site, we were trying to do a million things at once. We needed A+ level agency quality production, but we didn’t have the budgets or the bandwidth to pull together the project. Blink came in like a rocket and delivered a comprehensive plan, including top-drawer shooters, talent and location. They brought our brand to life the way we always envisioned it, even though we were challenged for resources and time.”

Dave Hepp VP Brand Manager - OURA

“Blink explained that they could provide as much or as little video help as we needed; I liked the flexibility and that they didn't require enormous commitment from the get-go. So when we needed to put together a shoot in a matter of weeks Blink hooked us up with the right mix of talented, responsible pros, including some locals who knew things no other foreign contractor would know, and which saved us money.”

James Oliver Cury VP Content - The Points Guy